ReCombine requires the latest Xcode, which can be installed from the Mac App Store. The following platforms are currently supported:

  • macOS 10.15
  • iOS 13
  • tvOS 13
  • watchOS 6

Installing ReCombine

You can install ReCombine into your project using Swift Package Manager. We will look to support CocoaPods and Carthage in the near future. We appreciate contributions!

NOTE: These instructions are intended for usage on Xcode 11 and higher. Xcode 11 is the first version of Xcode that integrates Swift Package manager and makes it way easier to use than it was at the command line.

  1. Go to File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency…
  2. Paste the URL to the ReCombine repo on GitHub ( into the search bar, then hit the Next button:
  3. Select what version you want to use, then hit next.
  4. Select which packages you want to use, then hit finish. The ReCombineTest package is optional and should only be added to test Targets.
  5. You’re done!